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Mature Picked-up50+ (50/50)50+ (Roosters)50+ (Hens)
Chinese Ringneck$9.95$10.80$9.30
Started Picked-up50+ (50/50)50+ (Roosters)50+ (Hens)
Chinese Ringneck 6 week$5.30$6.05$4.85
Chinese Ringneck 8 week$6.05$6.80$5.55
Chukar 8 week$4.05

Day Old Chicks50+250+500+1000+20,000+
Chinese Ringneck$2.05$1.55$1.20$1.07$0.97

Picked-up prices

The total number of all chicks taken during the season (April through July) determines the column price used
Postage is additional and determined by quantity ordered and destination
All game birds available for delivery via our farm trucks and trailers we charge $. 70 per mile (truck) $.80 per mile (truck & trailer)

Live Delivery Guaranteed

5% extra chicks included in every order at no charge

Minimum order 50 chicks

Terms: Full payment on shipped orders and minimum 25% deposit on picked up orders due at least 4 weeks prior to hatch date.
To Cancel: If you find that you must cancel your order, please notify us at least 3 weeks prior to your hatch date to receive a full refund.
For chicks shipped by mail, you must examine the chicks in the presence of a postal clerk – if more than 5% of the chicks are dead on arrival, you must initiate a clam right there the post office will have claim forms available.

After October 31st, there will be an additional charge of $. 02 per bird per day on Mature Ringneck Pheasants

After October 31st, there will be an additional charge of $.01 per Bird per day on mature Quail, Huns, and Chukar

When buying started birds in lots that are less than 50, add (1-24) $2.00 per bird and (25-49) $1.00 per bird
All prices subject to change based on increased feed, etc.